# The film was shot over three days in two different locations. The beach-side location was scouted during a wonderful autumn day, when the sunset revealed Mount Fuji silhouetted on the horizon. Things couldn't have been more different on the first day shooting, however, as a typhoon showed up. In the best guerrilla traditions, the brooding sky and constant rain was incorporated into the fabric of the film.

# Jun Takahashi, who plays Mr. Yamada, revealed that in 1951 he was a lifeguard on the beach where David and Keiko live.

# Alec McAulay's award-winning short The Errand was originally entitled Smoke on the Beach. It was part of an envisioned 'on-the-beach' trilogy, of which Three Days in Kamakura is part two. As it was, logistical constraints meant The Errand was shot in Kagurazaka, right in the heart of Tokyo! (Part Three of the trilogy is set in the Scottish Highlands).

# Both the leads have a Scottish connection. Martin Burns is from Coatbridge, while Makiko Mikami studied in Clydebank (near Glasgow). She revealed this Scots connection just before her screen test in Mejiro, Tokyo. Her delightful comments on Clydebank meant she had the part before the camera rolled...

# Editing and post-production were scheduled for the last two weeks of March in Tokyo, but the earthquake/tsunami of March 11 2011 forced a change of plan. In the end, Glasgow-based editor Erin Mochan came on board and post-production grading and sound mix were carried out at 422.tv in Glasgow. However, 422.tv themselves had a scare when a huge fire in an abandoned warehouse near their premises caused massive disruption.

# Two radio announcers are heard during the film; an American on the military network, and a Japanese on a local Kamakura station. The American is played by Todd Rucynski, who lives in Tokyo, and the Japanese by Azumi Macdonald, who lives in Glasgow.