Short films by Alec McAulay

Three Days in Kamakura
Three Days in Kamakura

 Three Days in Kamakura (2012)


David and Keiko's marriage is under strain. Fate conspires to bring a small boy, half-Japanese, half-Western, into their lives, and the boy becomes a catalyst in their troubled relationship during three days in Kamakura.


Watch the trailer here.




Aichi Vision 2012 (Japan, BEST FILM)

Pielagos En Corto 2013 (Spain, SPECIAL MENTION)

Japan Short Film Festival 2014 (Serbia, HONORABLE MENTION)


Fukuoka Independent Film Festival 2012 (Japan)

Santa Rosa International Film Festival 2012 (USA)

Toyama Short Film Festival 2012 (Japan)

Japan Matsuri, Montpelier, 2012 (France)

Japan Film Festival LA 2013 (USA)

Portobello Film Festival, London 2013 (UK)

Sapporo International Short Film Festival 2013 (Japan)

Moab International Film Festival 2013 (USA)

ICKLE Film Festival, Dundee 2014 (UK)

SIGHTLINES, Melbourne 2014 (Australia)

The Errand
The Errand


The Errand/お父さんのタバコ (2007)


Confronting her dying father, "The Errand" is the bittersweet story of a little girl's struggle with her own conscience and her dawning awareness of the difference between right and wrong.

Director: Shohei Shiozaki


"So well crafted and acted that you long for more time with the characters" - LA Weekly



DancesWithFilms 2008 (USA, HONORABLE MENTION)

Picture Battle x Show Biz Japan 2008 (USA, GRAND PRIX)


Seoul International Youth Film Festival 2008 (South Korea)

Show Me Shorts 2009 (New Zealand)

Skip City International D-Cinema Festival 2008 (Japan)

Glimmer 2008 (UK)

Zinbei, Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Film 2007 (Spain)

Short Shorts 2007 (Japan)



Henry & Hiroko
Henry & Hiroko

Henry and Hiroko (2009)


Friends gather for Henry's funeral, but widow Hiroko's eulogy takes everyone by surprise.

Directed by Martin Burns.


You can view a 30-second trailer here.



The  Neighbour
The Neighbour

The Neighbour (2004)


Lonely housewife Masako, trapped in a loveless marriage, is intrigued by a series of anonymous love letters inviting her to an illicit rendezvous.


"Catches the essence of romantic despair and alienation in a modern metropolis perfectly"  - Jasper Sharp, MidnightEye


"An ingeniously twisty script" - Mark Schilling, The Japan Times

Okinawa Cinema & Music Festa 2006 (Japan, JURY PRIZE)


New York International Independent Film & Video Festival 2004