Words & Images, 5th Screenwriting Network Conference, Sydney, Oct 2012

This conference was held at the Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies at Macquarie University and the Centre for Creative Practice and Cultural Economy at the University of Technology Sydney. The stated aim of the conference is "to continue, and expand, discussions around the screenplay and to strengthen a rapidly emerging, and global, research network."


My own presentation on "Neotiating Representations of 'Other': Writing for Japanese Cinema" developed into a discussion of the ocmpromises we have ot negotiate in the collaborative process. One delegate asked, "Does it make you want to write a novel?" That's a thought all screenwriters have, till you talk to novelists and realise the compromises they have to make can be equally bitter.


Among many engaging sessions the one that grabbed my attention was Paul Wells talking about the difference between writing for animation and live action. I basically thought there was very little difference - until I heard his talk. His book, "Understadning animation", tell you everything you need to know.

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